Scav Bag | 2017

2nd year at Design Academy Eindhoven
Food Non-food Department 
Semester 1 (Sept 2017-Feb 2018)

This small faux fur bum bag was inspired by the changing habits of foxes, how they eat and how they see food in the world. More foxes than ever live in urban areas, than rural areas. In turn far fewer foxes hunt for there food, they are now renowned scavengers. This bag refelects the mixed views human beings have of the fox. One one hand we reveir then as sexy, graceful and “foxy” animals, who we skin so we can wear there fur. On the other hand they are pests, they raid out bins and kill our livestock.

The juxtaposition of the elegant and cunning animal with its foraging and scavenging nature in cities inspired me to make a small bag that helps you live within your means. You can still look elegant whilst foraging for your dinner, only taking as much as you really need to survive and not over consuming.

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