Future Fridge | 2018

2nd year at Design Academy Eindhoven
Activity Department
Semester 2 (Feb 2018-July 2018)

Looking to the future and to how can we solve the problems it may bring. Currently we waste 30-50% of the fresh food we bring into our homes. We waste it for many reasons, we buy too much, we forget about it and let it mould and we do not understand how to look after it.
Wasting food is more than just throwing food away, it is a massive strain on the planet, producing food uses ground, labour, water and power, when we drown away food, it has a far bigger cost than the price we paid for it.

This fridge has been designed to minimise the amount of food we can store at any one time as well as storing food in a more appropriate and informed way.
Meat and dairy are cooled using induction cooling. Fresh produced is kept fresh with evaporation cooling from ceramic dishes. Produce that can be damaging to other items are stored far away from one another.