Sharing Plate | 2019

3rd year at Design Academy Eindhoven
Ceramics Minor (Sept 2018-Feb 2019)
Cor Unum Design Competition, 's-Hertogenbosch

Everyone eats, there is no way around it, we need to eat to survive but food can be worth more than fuel for survival. “Breaking bread” is something everyone can take part in no matter their religion, class, colour, age, gender or occupation. When eating together, people become equals.

When you are eating the food that someone else has made for you, you are expressing vulnerability, you must trust that the food provided to you is not poisoned, and when vulnerability is validated trust is strengthened. The “Peas in a Pod” plate means you are both equally as vulnerable, you can share a glance of understanding, you have a much closer interaction when you share one plate and the same food rather than just the same food but on your own plate. Researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium surveyed 466 Belgian students, asking them how often they ate home-cooked family meals during childhood. Those who had shared meals more frequently in childhood scored better for altruistic behaviours.

There is certainly a difference between sharing a meal and sharing food. Anyone can grab dinner with friends and you all order your own meal on your own plate, this does not promote the same kinds of bonds between people as a large platter to share, or all eating from the same dish.
Therefore I cannot thing of a better plate to promote genuine sharing rather than just sharing a meal.

accompanying tablecloth