Graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven | 2020

working during covid

The Corona-virus pandemic changed my graduation and academic year greatly. One of the most noticeable changes was the university building and workshops being closed for so many months was, perhaps unusually, a fantastic experience. Feedback sessions shifted to become  one on one conversations online. Again for personal reasons this was exceptionally beneficial, it gave me even greater freedoms to openly discuss and think through my progress and process. In the lesser sense the lack of a commute too and from the workshops at university helped to focus the mind and gave me more time to properly engage with my work and environment. I began to spend more time living “real life” rather than “uni life” and this had a massive impact on my work. In the broad sense, making the most of the situation and tackling problems that would not otherwise occur was fantastic. Priorities were revalued, more time was spent on the details and finishing touches, my work became far more personal and less about what others may want or expect. Overall, for me, the experience was a very fun challenge with a great outcome.